Okay, so now I will answer the question: who are the world’s most dangerous fans? During the write up, we have been to Europe, Africa, America, but not Asia. Chinese gangs like the triads along with the Japanese Yakuza are among the most dangerous gangs in the world.

Asian gangs have also been involved in widespread racketeering and international organized crime; even being responsible for match fixing scandals in Europe. These same gang members are fans, and in some cases, football administrators.

Does this make the Asian fans the most dangerous? No it does not. The gangs are usually independent from the football fans, and strict penalties for crime in places like China, means it’s not worth the effort.

So if the Asians are not the most dangerous, then who are? Perhaps we need to go back to where we started: Europe; Eastern Europe to be precise. When your Ultra group is called the GRAVE DIGGERS, it is obvious that you are not a very nice lot. These are officially the most dangerous fans in the world. But to justify my choice, first, we need to have a little history lesson.

The Democratic Federal Yugoslavia was proclaimed in 1943 by the Partisans resistance movement during World War II. It was renamed to the Federal People’s Republic of Yugoslavia in 1946, when a communist government was established. In 1963, it was renamed again to the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (SFRY). The constituent six Socialist Republics and two Socialist Autonomous Provinces that made up the country were: SR Bosnia and Herzegovina, SR Croatia, SR Macedonia, SR Montenegro, SR Slovenia, and SR Serbia including the autonomous provinces of Vojvodina and Kosovo which after 1974 were largely equal to the other members of the federation. Starting in 1991, Yugoslavia disintegrated in the Yugoslav Wars.

At the end of World War II, several pre-war Yugoslav clubs were dissolved because they had played matches during the war and were labelled collaborators by Marshal Tito’s communist authorities.

Ok, so enough with the history. Well ok, just a little bit more (football) history.

During the final months of World War II, a group of young men In Belgrade (modern day Serbia), who were members of the Serbian United Antifascist Youth League, formed a Youth Physical Culture Society, that was to become Red Star Belgrade on the 4th of March 1945.

From the roots of the formation, came the direction the fan base of the club would follow. The Red Star hardcore sect is called the Delije; translated as Heroes or literally, hard men. The Delije are divided in smaller groups: Ultra Boys, Brigate, Heroes, KCZ, Ultras, HCZ and of course, the biggest of them all, the Belgrade Boys. The Delije are what their name says they are; Hard men, who have to live in the same town as the most dangerous fans in the world. To stand up to these men, they have had to become violent themselves.

On the 2nd of December 2007, a plainclothes police officer was seriously injured when he was attacked during a Serbian Superliga match between Red Star Belgrade and Hajduk Kula. There have been other acts of violence particularly during the Belgrade Derby (the eternal derby). However, Red Star is more of a community; protecting itself from its cross town neighbours, the most dangerous fans in the world.

Across town, founded on the 4th of October 1945, FK Partizan was as a football section of the Yugoslav Sports Association Partizan, and was named in honor of the Yugoslav Partisans; the communist military formation who fought during the World War II. The club was formed and initially managed by a group of high officers of the Yugoslav People’s Army.

The club has an active and dangerous fan base, the Grobari (the grave diggers or undertakers). Today, Grobari consist of three main groups: Južni Front, Grobari 1970 and Zabranjeni, with various subgroups form the three larger ones.

They are notorious, not only for flares and missiles in the stadium, but also for the amount of violence the commit outside. Unlike other football hooligans, who belong to criminal organisations, all the Grobari violence is football related (though there are political sentiments). They are fascists, who support the far right and support all things fascist.

-Their acts of violence are well documented. In 2007/08 UEFA cup, Partizan Belgrade was disqualified from further competition because of football hooliganism against Zrinjski Mostar in Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina. Grobari traveled in numbers to Mostar where they fought with the police and also Zrinjski fans. The Grobari threw flares and stones and fought with supporters of Zrinjski Mostar and police. (Partizan won the tie 11-1 on aggregate).

-Fourteen Grobari were convicted for the murder of Toulouse fan Brice Taton in Belgrade. They attacked them with baseball bats and flares while wearing surgical masks. The hooligans received up to 35 years in prison.

-During a European League game in 2012, between Inter Milan and Partizan Belgrade, the Grobari attacked the sector with the Inter fans; despite being separated by a small fence. The police tried to keep both groups separated.

Neither time nor space would let me tell all I can, but I can tell you this. The most dangerous fans in the world are: THE GROBARI OF PARTIZAN BELGRADE, SERBIA!!


4 thoughts on “ULTRAS: Who are the most dangerous fans? Part 3

  1. I won’t disagree but I won’t agree as well. Certain fans at certain match derbies are worse than these belgrade ultras and they certainly stake their claim(s).

    The “Holy War Derby” between Wisla Krakow & Cracovia and the ‘Istanbul Derby’ between Fenerbahce and Gala surely have some of the, if not the worst fans/ultras ever. Not to forget the Milwall vs West Ham fans whenever they meet.

    • I agree those are intense derbies but I was referring to a dangerous fan base not confrontations or fights. Those are all firecracker situations but the article is about a solitary fan base.

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  3. This is bullshit. Talking based on ‘history’ is just stupid. What really matters is the present.

    South Americans are way more dangerous (and i don’t say this because i take pride on this fact as a South American myself). And they are more dangerous because they take the rivalry out of the matches to the daily life. They’ll try to kill you wherever they bump into you only for being a supporter of a team they loathe,. They might even try to kill you if you wear something of a color that resembles that of the teams they hate. , it’s a crazy thing.

    And the most astonishing thing is that most of them are teens or young adults.

    Take this as an example.

    In Colombia, during the past week (from September 16 to 22) two fans of Atletico Nacional and a Santa Fe fan’s father were stabbed to death by fans of Millonarios (Comandos Azules), and none of those murders occurred near any stadium. During this year 8 fans have been killed.

    And things like this occur every year (they are a lot of fans jailed for murder). And those are not isolated cases that occur every certain amount of time.

    Here some old reports (because it’s hard to find new ones in ‘english’):




    And in some countries like Brazil or Argentine is as bad or worse, and i am not talking about murders every 3 or 4 years.

    In front of some South American barras or torcidas, those ‘grave diggers’ would end honoring their name by being forced to dig their own graves, jump in them and finally being stabbed or shoot right in the head.

    On the other hand…….

    “Unlike other football hooligans, who belong to criminal organisations, all the Grobari violence is football related (though there are political sentiments)”

    You contradict your own aim in your statement.

    According of what understood of your initial idea, football crews must not be related to anything different from football to be taken into consideration. And this fan base has a major interest (politics) outside football and a great number of its violent acts are motivated by it, If you are going to take them into consideration, then you should take into consideration all groups that sell their own goods or that also act as crime organizations in order to finance their meetings, excursions, banners, and so on….like ‘la 12’.

    Real supporters must not care about politics,

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